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Atlas Halal Products B.V. is producer and supplier of high quality halal meat and meat products. We produce various tasteful and innovative halal products in our modern production facility according to the requirements of the Halal Assurance Systeem (HAS). We produce halal beef, veal, chicken and turkey meat.

About Atlas Halal Products

With a lot of Passion and Ambition fulfilling the Increasing Demand for Halal Products

With a lot of passion and ambition, and under the influence of the increasing demand for halal products, son Erik van Kooten founded Atlas Halal Products B.V. in 2007. Due to the specialization in halal meat and meat products, we have achieved an enormous increase in sales volume in the past years and become a reliable supplier of halal products.

Atlas Halal Products B.V. therefore focuses on producing high-quality halal certified meat and meat products.

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years of experience in the Meat industry

Our target audiences

The sales markets like catering and wholesale for the products of Atlas Halal Products B.V. are at home and abroad, including Europe and the Middle East.


Our trade products are sourced from halal-certified production companies, allowing Atlas Halal Products B.V. to offer a full catering range.


Atlas Halal Products B.V. also fulfills a wholesale function in the Benelux where the range of self-produced products is supplemented with trade products.


Reliable quality products

Always guaranteed quality

Atlas Halal Products B.V. gives great importance to the hygienic, high-quality and food-safe production of halal meat and meat products.

Halal Quality Control

Halal Assurance System (HAS)

All suppliers of finished products, raw and auxiliary materials must meet the requirements set by the Halal Assurance System.

Quality Mark BLK*

Beter Leven quality system

Since animal welfare and sustainability are also part of the Halal Assurance System, Atlas Halal Products B.V. is certified by the Stichting Beter Leven quality mark.


HACCP quality system

Supervision of general hygiene in production is carried out by the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority. The HACCP quality system, in accordance with the most recent EU legislation, is leading. 

FSSC 22000

FSSC 22000 quality system

Atlas Halal Products B.V. is also FSSC 22000 certified. FSSC 22000 is a quality system with conditions for food safety, traceability, organization and the influence of stakeholders.

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Our assortment

Halal products for everyone

Atlas halal products B.V. sells self-produced products and so-called trade products. The trade products are purchased from halal-certified production companies. Because Atlas Halal Products B.V. also fulfills a wholesale function in the Benelux, the range of self-produced products is supplemented with trade products.

  • Halal assortment
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  • Tailor-made

Halal sliced meats

Turkey products, chicken products, veal and beef products

Halal pulled products

Pulled beef, Pulled chicken filet, Pulled chicken & Pulled veal

Halal döner kebab skewers

Minced meat skewers, chicken skewers and combinations of different kinds of meat

Halal turkey and chicken dices and strips

For use as a semi-finished product, turkey and chicken strips/cubes can be produced in any desired size

Halal beef, veal and lamb meat products

Our beef, veal and lamb range consists of several high-demand products such as beef tenderloin, minced beef, veal entrecote, lamb chops, and lamb back, among others

Halal snacks

Chicken Schnitzel, Chicken Corn, Chicken Cordon Blue, Chicken Nuggets, Frikandells, Meatballs & Croquettes.

Halal fries and sauces

Lutosa 7 mm – Lutosa 10 mm – Lutosa 12 mm | Mayo, Fries Sauce and Sambal Oelek – per 10L.

Halal pastries and cheese products

Döner rolls in various weights, sliced and uncut. | Durum tortillas 25 & 30 cm in diameter.

Our extensive expertise in the production of meat and meat products enables us to develop specific products in cooperation with the customer.

These products are then produced exclusively for the customer where a private label can also be applied.

Our Product Ranges

The product range varies from authentic chicken and veal kebabs to a suka steak and goes through delicious snacks to even the most delicious halal pulled products.


Halal products for Europe and the Middle East

The tasteful products of Atlas Halal Products B.V. are also highly valued outside the Benelux. In particular, the export of sliced halal meats, kebab skewers and pulled products are interesting products for wholesalers and retailers in Europe and the Middle East.

Halal meats

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Pulled products

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Kebab skewers

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