About us

About us


Grown into a Total Range of Halal Products

Because of years of experience in the meat business, we have come into contact with the Islamic culture, and through our intensive cooperation with various Islamic companies, a halal company was founded in 2007 under the name Atlas Halal Döner. At that time we only specialized in two types of döner kebab: chicken and veal.

The company name now has been changed to Atlas Halal Products B.V. and we supply a wide range of kebabs: chicken, turkey, beef and lamb (various combinations are possible on request). In addition to the production of döner kebab skewers, we also produce an extensive range of beef, chicken and lamb products (including meat products and pulled products). Our trade range consists of: snacks, fats, sauces, fries, dough products, cheese products and packaging materials.

Halal meats

Chicken, turkey, beef and lamb, döner kebab skewers, meats, pulled products, meat and minced meat products.


Snacks, fats, sauces, fries, dough products, cheese products and packaging materials

Who we are

With a lot of Passion and Ambition fulfilling the Increasing Demand for Halal Products

The Van Kooten family has been active in the meat and meat products industry since 1970. Mr. Godert van Kooten sr. has laid the foundation for today's modern production company.

With a lot of passion and ambition, and under the influence of the increasing demand for halal products, son Erik van Kooten founded Atlas Halal Products B.V. in 2007. Due to the specialization in halal meat and meat products, we have achieved an enormous increase in sales volume in the past years and become a reliable supplier of halal products.

Atlas Halal Products B.V. therefore focuses on producing high-quality halal certified meat and meat products.


Passion and ambition

The Specialist in Halal Meat and Meat products

As a typical family business, personal contact with customers is very important. The core values of our company are therefore halal, quality, reliability, innovation, continuity, flexibility and service. Our products are supplied to various countries in the Middle East and the European market.

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Production facility

Renovation of the Production Facility in 2022

Atlas Halal Products B.V.
Safety and reliability

A modern factory for a Food-Safe Production environment

Due to the enormous growth in the sale of halal meat and meat products, our factory had a thorough renovation in 2022. As a result, we now have a modern production location that enables optimal production processes. Since Atlas Halal Products B.V. - in addition to the Halal certification - is also FSSC 22000 and BLK certified, these certifications guarantee a food-safe production environment.